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At Ruftop Estate Sales, we take great pride in combining professionalism and efficiency with a caring and thoughtful attitude. We know that, often, if you need an estate sale, it’s because of a change in your life situation – such as needing to downsize your home and purchase a more affordable house, a recent divorce or spousal separation, or a death in the family.

That’s what makes us different. Our founder, Lisa Ruffe, cares about much more than just selling your items as quickly as possible. We take the time to truly learn about you and your life and recommend the best options for appraising and selling your items.

We’ll never pressure you to sell an item that’s precious to you, or rush you through the process of selling your estate, or that of a loved one. We believe in helping you sell your items on your own terms – and, in this regard, we’re much different than other estate sale and appraisal services providers in the area.

We’ve been in business for decades – and throughout this time, we’ve always prided ourselves on doing things differently, providing excellent service at affordable rates – and never losing sight of the needs of our customers, who are often going through major life changes, and require a caring, comforting touch.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to help you through every step of the sales and appraisal process.

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Ruftop Estate - Sales & Appraisal Services
Ruftop Estate - Sales & Appraisal Services
Ruftop Estate - Sales & Appraisal Services
Ruftop Estate - Sales & Appraisal Services
Ruftop Estate - Sales & Appraisal Services
Ruftop Estate - Sales & Appraisal Services

Why Work With Us?

Wondering why you should choose Ruftop Estate Sales for appraisal service and estate sales? Not sure if we’re the right option for you? Here are a few reasons that might make you change your mind, and choose Ruftop Estate Sales.

  • Decades of combined experience in appraisal and estate sales, with our founder, Lisa Ruffe, boasting more than 35 years of experience

  • Caring and professional service, which helps you grieve and adjust to your new situation without excess pressure – you sell your estate on your terms

  • Fully end-to-end service allows us to take care of every step of the appraisal, sales and delivery process, without our customers having to do anything

  • A comprehensive network of appraisal experts ensures proper pricing, even for unusual or difficult-to-identify items and antiques

  • Commitment-free quotes for your estate sale or project, with transparent pricing

  • A customer-first attitude – we always consider you first, and ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with our services

  • Remote services available, for family members who are located far away, or otherwise cannot regularly visit the estate in question

Our Service Areas – Florida And New York